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Opal House Pattaya - Hotel & Restaurant,Pattaya Jo...More »

Opal House Pattaya - Hotel & Restaurant,Pattaya Jo...More »

Opal House Pattaya - Hotel & Restaurant,Pattaya Jo...More »

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Opal House Pattaya - Hotel & Restaurant,Pattaya Jo...More »

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Pattaya Infomation


Mini Siam

Mini Siam This is a miniature city where replicas of important historical sites in Thailand are displayed, at scales varying from 1:1 to 1:25. Worthy of mention among the replicas is the famous Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province of Thailand. Apart from that, many other world - renowned structures are also prominently displayed - example, the Eiffel Tower of Paris among others. An additional attraction is a mini go - kart circuit awaiting the speed enthusiasts. It is located close to Pattaya on Sukhumvit Highway. More »

Ripley’s “ Believe It Or Not “ Museum

Ripley’s “ Believe It Or Not “ Museum The only museum of its kind in Thailand and perhaps in SE Asia, the museum is simply unique. It displays Mr. Ripley’s world - wide collection of extraordinary objects divided into over 250 categories. Some of the objects on display are originals while others are replicas. The museum is located on the third floor of the well - known Royal Garden Plaza, accessible from both the 2nd and Beach roads. More »

The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth Although the Sanctuary of Truth has already been under construction for over two decades it still will not be fully complete for another decade or so. However, its doors are now open for visitors to view and appreciate the vast and intricate teak structure created by the fertile mind of an eccentric billionaire philanthropist who also created the Ancient City on the outskirt of Bangkok. The sanctuary, combining Thai, Chinese and sub - continental art form, is sure to strike awe and wonder in the mind of beholders. The castle which stands 105 meters above sea level is one of the most imposing landmarks of Pattaya. Its location is on Ratchawet Cape in Naklua. More »

Pattaya Park

Pattaya Park The park has the highest tower in Pattaya a tower with a revolving restaurant entertaining its clientele with a magnificent bird’s eye view of the resort city. As well, the park offers first - class accommodation besides a huge amusement area ( totaling some 32 acres ) that includes a vast swimming pool complex that embraces Jacuzzi and gigantic slides close to the beach front. More »

Siracha Tiger Zoo

Siracha Tiger Zoo The zoo boasts Thailand’s largest number of Bengal tigers, bred successfully by the farm itself Apart from tigers, there are also a large number of other animals and an aviary of exotic birds. Visitors can enjoy a variety of animal shows like pig racing, scorpion and crocodile wrestling show. It is located outside Pattaya in Siracha District. Open daily form 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Call ( 038 ) 296 556 - 8 or fax ( 038 ) 296 559 for additional information. More »

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort: Covering an area of 600 acres ( 1,560 rais ) it was officially opened to the public in 1980. A long list of delightful attraction from the two man - made lakes to Bougainvillea Garden to Mini Zoo to the largest variety of orchids in Thailand and the list goes on. There are different type of restaurants and Thai - style teak wood bungalows for overnight stay in a tropical garden atmosphere. It takes about 20 25 minutes’ drive on a nice highway from Pattaya. Additional information may be obtained at its offrice on Pattaya Klang Road, opp. Nova Lodge Hotel. Tel: 038 429 321 or Bangkok 02 252 1786 More »

Siriporn Orchid Farm

Siriporn Orchid Farm: The farm offers a wide array of orchids such as Catteleyas, Vandas, Daedrovium, Escosanda, Pompadours, among others. Visitors can also purchase cut flowers or plants. Its location is at Tambon ( village ) Nongprue, near Pattaya. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Admission is 10 baht. Contact 038 429 013. More »

The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm

The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm: This is another popular attraction for Thai and foreign tourists. Covering and area of close to 40 acres, the compound comprises rock gardens and botanical garden with rare plants and beautifully - laid landscaping. Interesting sightseeing include, fossilized plants over a million years old, 200 - year - old Thai - style bonsai tree, crocodile pools and a collection of rare animals like albino bears, elephants and horses. Performances include crocodile round - up, animal and magic shows are part of major attraction. It is located at Tambon ( village ) Nongpla lai, close to Pattaya. Tel: 038 249 347 - 9 . More »

Jomtien Beach

The Jomtien Beach has white sand and a very long coastline to enjoy. The beach is more peaceful here. Along the straight beach road there are so many sourvenir shops, restaurants, food stalls, and good sea food restaurants are available, especially at almost the far end of the beach road. More »


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